9 Feb, 2020

Sunday Style

It’s Sunday again, and these are this week’s favourites (as random as ever!).
Stand-outs include cashmere sweatshirt (yes, a CASHMERE sweatshirt. In NAVY!! I mean);  T-bar earrings; summer jumpsuit; headband (if, like me, you’re not the ‘headband type’; and super-chic ballet pumps (great with slightly cropped jeans, and the cashmere sweatshirt actually) – the toe shape is spot-on. They’re also made from vegan-friendly materials – worth knowing.

Sarah xx

ps: have a little look (I hadn’t for a while) at the Studio Preen collection at Debenhams – they’re are some great pieces, and mostly all on sale. This dress, this dress, this trench and this skirt (thank for the tip-off about  this gem, Kim! So good with ) are all fab.

pps: are the jeans that I’ve been  living in this week. They have a raw hem, which you can’t really see from the pics. SO good! Love everything about them (including the fact that they are super-comfy).