19 Jul, 2020

Sunday Style

This week there are so many things to love (even if I do say so myself!), but I really love  boots – for me it’s the neat fit on the ankle – they remind me of my old Penelope Chilvers pair that I dig out every autumn; or the Saint Laurent , which I’ve coveted for a looooong while now. Love . How pretty is ? And !!! I mean (that smocking!!). And is a great find (thank you Kim!). Want to add to my summer wrist stack. And OBSESSED with jumpsuit. Obviously!
I also chanced upon some great dresses on my travels, so have included my favourites in an extra little edit below. If you’ve had a ( is my favourite shape – so flattering) on your Lust List for a while, you might well get lucky this week! You might also want to check out this post (for more gorgeous summer dresses) if you haven’t already?
Happy Sunday! And I do believe out homeschooling days are finally over? Let’s hope so anyway!!

Sarah xx

ps:  I’ve long been a fan of the ” (yes, you’ve got it – the skirt/shorts hybrid) for three reasons. One being that I personally hate shorts (with the exception of denim cut-offs), the second being that I love the floaty, feminine look that most skorts seem to have, and the third being the  obvious practically factor – I just feel ‘free-er’ than I would wearing such a short skirt (well I just wouldn’t wear one at all actually!). They look great with loose shirts tucked/half-tucked in, and with flat sandals (in fact, that’s one of  my go-to holiday looks. Anyway, liked these, and don’t often see them around, so wanted  to share. I even did an entire skorts post once!

pps: honestly, couldn’t love my new necklace any more!!It’s certainly not cheap, but this is a jewellery designer that I have only recently discovered, and I have to say, I absolutely love her designs. It’s not often that I come across a jewellery designer that really hits the spot for me. And Kirstie Le Marque is definitely hitting it.

photo: Lachlan Bailey