6 Dec, 2020

Sunday Style

Happy Sunday to you. Grab yourself a cup/glass of something hot/strong (depending…), find a quiet, cosy spot (a bathroom with a lock/a large cupboard if necessary), and enjoy today’s Sunday Style (in uninterrupted peace ).
Oh and look what I found this week! Only my  from last Winter!!  They’re back! And this time with gold studs. Yes! Honesty, such great boots (it’s all about the wide slouch – they’re literally the perfect boot.  I wore mine just last night in fact…). Oh and did I mention that they now also come in ?
See you next week. Same time, same place. And as always, thank you so  much for reading.

Sarah xx

ps: a great (fanny pack anyone?) for running etc.

pps: would be great with a chunky knit over the top (particularly if you get hot with too many layers)…

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