28 Feb, 2021

Sunday Style

Happy Sunday!
I’m not sure about where you are, but here in London the weather has been a bit all over the place this past week. I’ve seen frost on my morning run, and been wearing a t-shirt by lunchtime on some days! So this smorgasbord of an edit has a bit of everything in it, depending on what I happened to find on any given day. Slippers, sandals, cosy knits, summer  dresses, swimsuits, trench coats – they’re all here this week, jostling for your attention.
I’ve also added a white tee edit, as SO many of you asked for recommendations after I shared the picture of me wearing (an old Gap) one with my gorgeous new Maison M cardigan on Instragram Stories (I do love a slouchy tee, jeans and cosy oversized cardigan combo…).
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Sarah xx

ps:  are my new New Look jeans. I would recommend going up a size. But then again, I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot lately, so perhaps it’s not the jeans? Hmm.

pps: boots are giving me all the Marianne Faithful (when she was dating Mick) vibes. So fab under cropped jeans, with a slouchy sweater. And a great heel height for everyday…

ppps: Smalls were one of the very first small, independent brands I worked with when I’d just started LittleSpree, way back when in 2011. We had a mutual friend in common, and I was an immediate convert  (as were my kids) to their wonderful long sleeved children’s tops, which cleverly regulate body temperature, adapting to cool or warm environments (so perfect for kids who are always boiling one minute, then freezing the next!). And they lasted for years!  Anyway, fast forward a few years, and their beautiful brand has since grown to include womenswear too. Which brings me to their latest addition, ‘The Perfect Slip’. With my recent appetite for binge watching re-runs of Sex & The City, Carrie’s ‘naked dress’ in Season 1 got me thinking about the importance of a great slip under my favourite dresses. Mostly for modesty (I have plenty of  sheer, chiffony dresses in my wardrobe, that most definitely need something between me and them). I almost always switch out the slip provided, with one of my own (I’m (unsurprisingly) pretty fussy about clinginess, strap length etc.). But then I got to musing about the benefits of a slip made to keep you warm, as well as keep your modesty in tact. Genius. Now I know (here in London at least) that Spring definitely seems to be trying to break though now, but it’s still not exactly what would be described as ‘warm’. But how about soon being able to ditch our jackets altogether? Then, come summer, said slip would make the perfect nightdress/holiday dress. I think ‘The Perfect Slip’ is going to be the answer to showcasing our poor dusty, house-bound, lockdown dresses…

pppps: I feel like Carrie Season 2 might wear , and …

ppppps: beach towel though. Random, but so great.

‘Ask Me Anything’ Links
(if you missed it you can watch it here)

My necklaces (lots of you  DM-ed me to ask…)

My S necklace is no longer available online (I got in Liberty last January, but can’t reminder the brand – sorry), but one is quite similar (and lovely).

White Tees

Sofa Mattresses
Rowen & Wren

Ballet Pumps
I have these from , Apiedi, French Sole, and Boden. But I also like these, thesethese and these. And there are some bargains to be had here.

Ear Piercing
Metal Morphosis

Table Lamps
John Lewis
La Redoute
Cox & Cox

Tan Drops

Jeans For Pear-Shapes
I like these, thesethese, these and these.

Bikini Style Knickers
John Lewis
These are probably the most similar to the John Lewis ones I was talking about.

Statement Earrings
Love these, these, these and these.