16 Oct, 2022

Sunday Style

There’s a lot to love this week, including some amazing bargains (that look way more expensive than they are).
This dress! So chic. Love the colour (you know how I love my white/cream in the winter…). And so perfect for all those semi-formal dos in the run-up to Christmas where you don’t want to go all out, but you still want to dress up. So perfect with leather knee high boots. Love!
The gorgeous (inside and out) Laura Wills was wearing these when I saw her on Friday, and then are BEYOND. She was wearing hers with black leggings and an oversized jumper and looked incredible. So cool. Now I haven’t tried them myself, but she did stress that they are actually really comfortable.

 Sarah xx

ps: this is my slip dress with the lace inserts that you all loved on Instagram. Don’t be scared of the slip-dress if you’re not a fan of showing your arms (I’m not either), but I love wearing them with either an oversized cashmere jumper/blazer or chunky knit cardigan. That way you still get all the slinky sexiness, but none of the flesh-baring. Equally, if you’re comfortable with just the slip dress, it’s one of my absolute favourite understated sexy looks (it’s just not one for me).

pps: after many years of loyalty to the bikini style brief I have recently been experimenting with a fuller, higher waist knicker (not to be confused with a ‘Granny pant’, although admittedly the line is a very fine one for sure). I have tried a few different styles, but am currently enjoying these. Super-comfy and subtly sexy.  That’s my kind of pant!

ppps: these sandals are so similar to two of my Isabel Marant sandals. I’ve featured them on SS before, but they are now reduced so wanted to draw your attention to them in case you’re in the market for a metallic sandal (which honestly, go with everything). I wear mine so much, mostly with rolled up trousers or jeans. This heel is not too high either. Boom!

Main image: Mango