1 Aug, 2021

Sunday Style

Sunday has rolled around again. Is it me, or are the weeks just flying by? Seriously, HOW is it August?
Anyway, I hope you enjoy this week’s edit (if I had to choose just one thing…). I have decided to take a bit of a break from LS during August, so this will be the last Sunday Style until September. I will be sharing a swimwear post on Wednesday though, so look out for that…
I will be keeping in touch via Instagram (@littlespree), so you can see what I’m up to (probably a whole lot of nothing…) over there. As anyone who runs their own business/is freelance/self-employed will know all too well, there’s no ‘off switch’, so you tend to just keep going and going. And going. So an enforced break is very much needed from time to time. Thank you all so, so much for all your continued support, love, kindness and loyalty – you really are amazing. I’m incredibly lucky to have you.
See you soon!

Sarah xx

ps: lots of questions about the jeans I was wearing the other day. They’re these. Then I just cut the bottoms off. They’re a great fit.

pps: this weather!!! Urgh. I’ve been caught out so many times this week, it’s becoming a joke. I’m seriously considering this… Or these?

Photo (top): Isabel Marant