20 Jul, 2022

The White Dress Edit

As far as I’m concerned, a white dress is summer, and there’s nothing I love wearing more. And there are so many gorgeous ones out there, I felt they deserved a dedicated post. I have one and one, and although very different, I love them both for very different reasons. The first one is a perfect day dress – I love the apron style, the broderie, and the fact that you can still wear a bra (if you loop the ties through it carefully). The whole exposed back thing feels quite new to me, and I have to say I am fully converted – it really does keep you so much cooler. The second one is more structured, and more of an ‘occasion’ dress I would say. Perfect for summer events – parties, cocktails, races etc. It’s fitted, but super-flattering. I love it with heels, but it would look equally chic and fab with flats.

Sarah xx

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