25 Mar, 2020

Cushion Love

Photo: Projektityyny

Who doesn’t love a cushion (ok, do not ask your boyfriends/husbands this question – I have yet to meet a man who doesn’t find them completely pointless…)? Now, more than ever, out homes are our sanctuaries, and I’m all about making ours as cosy and comfortable as possible. Now, admittedly we’re probably at full capacity in the cushion department, but I still love browsing for new ones (and I have the perfect excuse, as I can call it ‘research’!). And the best thing is, cushions span all budgets, with the cheapest in this edit coming in at a rather modest £3.99.
Personally, like my bedding, I like to mix and match my cushions (but within the same general tones/colours). And not just on the sofa/s either – smaller, ‘squashier’ (feather) cushions look lovely (and are super-comfortable) on dining room chairs (instead of those more conventional ‘seat pads’). This is a great place to mix and match – I love to mix leopard print with ticking stripes and florals, all at the same table…
Buy a few, or just treat yourself to one – either way, cushions are an easy little pick-me-up for us and our homes.
Stay safe.

Sarah xx

ps: I couldn’t possibly do a post dedicated to cushions without giving a shout-out to my dear friend, Lisa at edit58. Browse her beautiful collection here.

pps: Calf & Co make THE loveliest personalised/monogrammed cushions for kids. They kindly send me one each for Tabitha and Marlow when they were really little, and years later they both still have them on their beds, and love them. And they’re beautifully made too.

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