16 Feb, 2020

Sleepover Chic

I spotted gorgeous set in my local M&S yesterday (I actually saw it in the window and went in to take a closer look  – it was the pretty print that caught my eye…). On closer inspection (sorry, M&S Kingston – I was the  one who removed the display one…),  I discovered something totally new to me –  ‘the coverless duvet’. Who knew? But so clever! Basically, you have a ready made ‘sleepover  set’.  No need fore the last-minute search for the spare duvet, followed by the awkward wrestle with a (crumpled) duvet cover – it’s  a duvet with the cover attached!! Then you just pop there whole thing in the wash afterwards. Genius! Plus it then all goes in a matching sleeping bag style pouch for easy storage.
I imagine it would be great for camping too (I wouldn’t know about that though…).
Oh, and it comes in four different duvet sizes (so great for guests of any size!), and in two different togs too. Just brilliant. I am definitely ordering one of these!

Sarah xx

ps: it would also make a very pretty quilt, layered over other bedding. I would probably mix it with a ticking stripe and/or another .