20 Mar, 2020


Here’s an honest list (in no particular order) of what I’ve been ordering/will soon be ordering online, from the (soon to be) self-imposed quarantine of my home…

Sarah xx

My List

Architectural Digest subscription
Finally got around to this. Looking online is all well and good for a quick fix, but for me, nothing beats actually physically turning the pages of a beautiful publication (but then I am a true ‘fashion mag girl’.
So excited for the first issue.

Honna pyjamas
Quite possibly the softest, most comfortable pyjamas I’ve ever worn, I love mine. And they’re also super-stylish too (of course). Lovely Barbara, the owner, kindly gave me a pair last year to try, but I’m now yearning for the navy. She’s generously offering all Little Spree readers 25% off with the code LS25 (valid until midnight on Monday 30th) to spread a little love. Let’s  do what we can to support small businesses. And if we’re going to be home-schooling our kids in our pyjamas (and let’s face it, by day three we probably will be…), at least make sure they’re beautiful ones.

LOLA (Lots of Lovely Art) art boxes
These boxes are amazing. So well done.
Keep the kids busy, inspired and creative. And not all about the maths and English…

Give you barnet a little TLC.

Hand moisturising gloves
As above. Just for your hands (and boy do mine need some love right now!! I currently have the hands of a ninety year old woman).

You might well throw up if you look at the photograph on the packaging (what were they thinking??), but trust me, your feet will look and feel like a newborn’s when you’re done. Plus, if (like me) you can’t resist picking your sunburnt peeling skin (I know, gross), you are going to think you’ve died and gone to heaven. Hours of fun to be had. Literally. Just remember to put a towel down first!

We had a similar kite in the boot of  the car from New Year, and dusted it off and took it out last Sunday. The kids loved it (and fought over it, so I’ve ordered the one above. Such a mood-lifter too. Can’t recommend highly enough. Retro fun at its best.
It’s always the simple things right?

The Week Junior subscription
Best thing I’ve ever bought for the kids. Fact.
I first got the subscription for them a couple of years ago. It comes every Friday. My kids are now better informed than me on global affairs. Fact.
Also a lovely ‘remote’ gift to get for other kids.

Anorak magazine subscription
Published four times a year, Anaorak’s main philosophy is to encourage children to tap into their imagination, use their creativity to learn and amplify their voices. A passion for words and images that challenge and stimulate. And silly jokes too. Each issue has a different theme, designed to be collected, kept, handed down and revisited. After seeing one issue, Tabitha begged me to get the  subscription.

One to hide from your husband (but luckily, it has been cleverly designed to (sort of) look like a lipstick…), but surely a self-care essential if you can’t leave the house, and you don’t plan on growing a full beard?
This should possibly have been higher on the list?

Hand protector
Best hand cream I’ve tried (and I’ve tried most – and at all price points).

If we’re bedding in, we might as well go MEGA, right?

Bill Granger’s chocolate chip banana bread recipe
One of my favourite things to bake with the kids. Pretty much idiot-proof.

I just ordered two of these for the kids (the 33″). Their school regularly organises local little picking in Richmond, and they love it. I thought it would be a great thing to do when we’re breaking up the home schooling day for some outdoor activity – a real sense of purpose. And I have it on good authority that these are the best ones to buy.
I’ve also ordered .

I love these ones from M&S (and they’re actually cheaper than most places too), and have just stocked up (when I say ‘stocked up’ I mean, one of each by the way – I’m not stockpiling!), so that each of my pillar candle sticks/holders (I have , amongst others) has a fresh candle. Such a small thing, but one that makes me happy in the evenings. I’m all about making my home as cosy as I possibly can right now.
And if you haven’t already got a stash of …

Homemade Natural Cleaning Essentials
I’ve been down this rabbit hole before (normally when I have a quiet work period), and I’m back down it again. There’s a natural alternative to pretty much every cleaning product on the market, and they’re generally all way more effective too. I started cleaning my oven last weekend (it literally took me all day (on and off), and haven’t looked back! And our bathrooms have never looked cleaner! Youtube has a million videos for cleaning every corner of your home – just find one you like (some of them are pretty funny too. These are the main ingredients/things you’ll need, and you’ll also save money on those expensive, toxic cleaning products.
It’s surprisingly (weirdly) rewarding too!!

Bicarboranate of Soda
White Vinegar

Glass Spray Bottles
Zoflora Disinfgectant  (smells lovely!)

That’s it for today.
Stay calm and wait for your Sunday Style post to land in your inbox tomorrow morning.
Take care.

Sarah xx

ps: please listen to this.