9 Apr, 2020

Beauty At Home

Whilst not the most important thing during this pandemic, beauty is something that can make us feel uplifted and nurtured. I’ve found that I definitely have extra time on my hands, even with the home schooling, so here are a few of my favourite treatments that you can do at home.

Kim x

Kim Brown

Although this is slightly pricey it really does deliver. Great for maturer skin. It’s incredibly plumping, hydrating and feels like a luxury spa treatment.

Vitamin Infused Miracle Mask by Vitamin Injections London
I was introduced to this brand last year whilst judging the Attracta Beauty Awards. Their founder, Bianca Estelle is from a medical background and has brought her fantastic  knowledge into these vitamin packed products. This particular one is amazing for stressed or problematic skin.

This is a great quick fix, I often use it on clients before an event as the lifting and plumping effects are pretty instant. Great if you have a face to face online meeting, use it before applying makeup.

Mz Skin Light therapy Golden Treatment Mask
This one is a bit of an investment, but while we’re not spending on facials! Ive noticed a real difference with this mask and it  can be used 3or 4 times a week.  It truly has amazing results. Red, blue, green, yellow and white light treat different skin concerns. Calms, rejuvenates and tackles hyper pigmentation in one device. 

This is a great natural brand. This mask is formulated with lactic acid and AHA’s  which gets rid of dead skin cells and the vitamin E hydrates.

Ecooking Multi Oil
I also love their Multi oil, I use this on the kids also after a bath or if they have any dry patches.

This isn’t a mask, more of a tool or a gadget, but I thought I’d mention it as it’s so amazing for de-puffing. I use it first thing in the morning and it really wakes up the face.

I’ve also been trying to treat my hair, nails and lashes whilst not being at work and not having to have perfect nails etc. It’s a good time to take off the gel nails and use oils and strengtheners to get them in good nick again. Renunail is a great 3 in one.

Jessica Phenomen Oil Intensivce Moisturiser
This is a great nail oil, used by lots of nail artists that I work with.

Organic Nail Nectar
Love this one too and this lovely natural brand.

For my lashes I’ve been using this for years – even more so at the moment whilst not having to wear mascara all the time. It is a little pricy, but it lasts for ages and really, really works.

For my hair I love Olaplex as a home treatment. I leave this on for hours when pottering  about at home. It’s used a lot in salons along with bleach or colour as it protects and strengthens the hair. I found it really works on my hair which is fine and easily damaged, but friends with frizzy or course hair also swear by it. Use the no3 at a home treatment.

Anatome  Women’s Daily Wellbeing + Vitamin Complex
I’m also loving these supplements for some extra self care. Great for skin, energy and thyroid function.

In case you do have online meetings, or just fancy using a little makeup, I find making your skin look nice and glowing always makes you feel good.This product is amazing, also supper quick and easy to use. Gives an amazing glow.

It works really well with this for extra, extra glow. I use this on clients and models all the time. Love this product.

A little mascara and you’re  done. This is my all time favourite.