14 Aug, 2023

The Art Of Buying Art

In a world where we are always talking about cost per wear - what about cost per stare?

When Claire Durbridge Sakoui, stylist and the founder of Flora Black was left some money by her grandmother in 2015 she knew exactly what to do. She invested in artist Jonathan Schofield, buying a piece of his work.

“It felt unbelievably decadent, but in a world where we are always talking about cost per wear – what about cost per stare? Buying art feels like the ultimate treat but it is also a thing of beauty that you can enjoy every single day. Whether it is something small or whimsical for the downstairs loo or something really special for your art wall, it is never too late to start a collection”.

Claire’s mother-in-law is the artist Brenda Sakoui, and she has her paintings hanging all over her house – Durbridge Sakoui runs her insta, sells for her and arranges her exhibitions. As a result she has an ever-changing gallery of beauties on her walls. But Claire has always loved beautiful things which is why she started Flora Black (new website coming soon – stay tuned), where alongside vintage treats for the shelf, she will soon also sell a small selection of art.
Her home is a feast for the senses. She loves to mix and match, and believes that where art is concerned you should only buy something that speaks to you, not something that fits into a trend. Your art should sit amongst family photos and personal treasures.

Here Claire has shared an edit of her favourite art…


For sales contact @brendasakoui

The  Best For Vintage

Colins & Green Art
Julia is my favourite vintage art dealer.

The Vintage Art Shop

Chiswick Antiques Fair
It takes place once a month and is ALWAYS a treasure trove.

From The High street


Decorative Fair takes place three times a year and is the most glorious fair in London. Flora Black will be exhibiting there in October.


Josephine Baker | Piaz Studios

David Bowie in Yellow Suit | Terry O’Neil

Plate 9 | Édouard Bénédictus

Adonis print | Luke Edward Hall


You can create the most wonderful plate wall too. Try and find a colour thread or theme. For example, my plate wall is mainly monochrome with green details. These are my favourite plate hangers.

Words: Claire Durbridge Sakoui

Main image: Girl With A Fig Leaf by Lucian Freud