16 Sep, 2023

The Last… With Barbara McMillan

Barbara is the Founder and Creative Director of HONNA, a luxury women’s sleepwear brand.

The Last…

Time you danced?
This morning with my daughter. We have a really old radio in the kitchen that only gets signal for one local radio station but it always plays the best music.

Thing you bought from an actual shop?
A dinosaur sticker book and fishing net for my son’s Birthday.

Thing you brought online?
An Alex Eagle Sporting Club hat.

Person you spoke to?
My husband.

Podcast you listened to?
I find MTGM hilarious but I’m really into ‘Smartless’ at the moment and I just listened to the Rose Byrne episode.

New brand you discovered? 
A gorgeous sustainable jewellery brand called Completedworks.

Film you watched at the cinema?
I love going to the cinema but I haven’t been in such a long time. I did just watch ‘Are You There God, It’s Me Margaret’ after a recommendation from a friend.

TV series you watched at home?
Physical on Apple, so brilliant. I’m also looking forward to The Morning Show which is back this week.

Restaurant you ate at?
Côte, Godalming.

Takeaway you ordered?
Living so far from a big town, we only have two good takeaway options that deliver to our house but we have a heavenly Italian and I boringly always order the same thing – Parma ham, rocket and parmesan sourdough pizza.

Book you read?
I’m coming to the end of Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin and I am a bit heartbroken it’s almost over.

Magazine you flicked through?
Back issues of Scandinavian style magazines at our holiday Airbnb.

Country you visited?

Town you walked around? 

Time you cried? 
Today when my 4-year-old had an impressive, extended tantrum in public that brought me to tears.

Time you laughed until you cried?
With my husband who is the funniest person I’ve ever met. I think he is the only person that can bring me to tears laughing.

Thing you do at night before switching off the light? 
Set my alarm and then check (and check again) that it’s set. Then pull on my eye mask.

Meal you cooked? 
My cooking skills are limited and we are pretty lazy on weeknights so it was pasta with homemade tomato sauce, Burrata and salad – which is a bit of a crowd pleaser in our house.

Cocktail you drank?
I’m not drinking at the moment so I’ve been having an at home ‘cocktail’ of sparking water, Elderflower and fresh mint from the garden.

Play you saw?
A children’s play about hibernation and woodland animals.

Thing you baked?
I am just not a baker. I actually can’t remember the last time I baked anything.

Thing you burnt?
My hand getting something out of the oven.

Time you said sorry?
About twenty minutes ago for taking so long to reply to an email.

Website you bookmarked?
I don’t think I’ve ever bookmarked a website, but I do love to set eBay alerts.

Song you added to a playlist?
Free by Florence & The Machine.

Person you kissed? 
Aside from my husband and children, a good friend who was very kind during the aforementioned meltdown at the school pick-up.

Travelled by bus?
I haven’t been on a bus since we moved out of London four years ago and it is one of the things that I miss most.

Radio station you listened to?
Smooth FM.

Time you swore?
A bit boring but I am just not that much of a swearer – my husband has that covered for the both of us, which is not ideal as our children repeat everything we say at the moment.

Biscuit you ate? 
My daughter made some of the Gail’s at-home chocolate cookies. Inspired by Sarah’s daughter actually.

Item of clothing you wore two days running?
Arket denim shirt.

Thing you smelt?
My morning coffee.

Time you said I love you? 
Constantly to both the children, my husband, the dog, my friends – all the time.


Loving right now…

Fresh Recovery Calming Mask
I swear by this overnight mask when my skin is dry

Dr Sam’s Flawless Daily Sunscreen
I use this every day, rain or shine, it is by far the best SPF.

Bamford Geranium Bath Oil
I love anything Geranium and I’ve used this for years and still ask for a top-up every Christmas

Skall Gaby coat
I have coats that I bought ten years ago because I always invest in good outerwear and this is next on my (wish) list.

Honna Dusty Blue stripe pyjamas
It’s hard to have a favourite but I have been living in our Dusty Blue stripe pyjamas.

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